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Our Plans

Our goal is to construct a local resource and residential facility to with individuals, their families and service providers to design and implement individualized programs that foster growth and independence. The Special Kids Foundation facility will serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) of all ages. Social integration will be a daily part of life at the Special Kids Foundation House, as programming is designed to be accessible to all. Activities, outings and social events provide opportunities to build bonds of friendship through shared experiences.


Our residential housing will serve indivduals that are no longer receiving federally mandated educational services. Potential residents are young adults with IDD, who seek to build productive, meaningful and fulfilling lives in a unique residential setting. Programming will reflect our dedication to fostering independence, providing a community of peers who share an active, healthy lifestyles. Individuals with IDD, with support from their families, who want to achieve their full potential benefit from a sense of community, and personal fulfillment. We are currently working on a business plan to secure funding for this much needed community program.


Office Spaces
Office spaces for the satellite use of child and family therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists, behaviorists and play therapists, speech and language therapists, and children’s legal advocates.
Residential Housing
Included will be housing for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each individual will have his/her own studio apartment and the community will gather together in areas designated for learning and socializing. Each resident with IDD will select his/her own support for daytime employment and volunteer opportunities.
Parent Resource Center
Parent Resource Center complete with lending library containing educational literature, research materials, legal resource materials, children’s educational toys, literature, and support materials, occupational therapy materials, sensory integration materials, and access to pamphlets, other organizations, workshop and conference opportunities
Computer Center
Computer Center with a full bank of internet ready computers with printing capability for parents to utilize for research and information gathering purposes.
Social Therapy
Therapy and Social Play rooms equipped with structures and play equipment built with full accessibility for every special needs child’s specific requirements.
Nutrition / Kitchen Center
Nutrition Center/Kitchen offering samples of the dietary products/nutritional supplements available for the latest diets recommended for children with specific nutritional and dietary needs, complete with cookbooks, pamphlets, and resource materials to go along with the samples.
Conference Center
Meeting/Conference Rooms to accommodate both the regular support group meetings in a warm, comfortable and nurturing environment, and the occasional conference or seminar offered onsite to parents for furthering their education about their child’s specific disability. Meeting Rooms to facilitate a more neutral ground for holding I.E.P. meetings, or other meetings with educational or medical professionals. Possible sites for sibling support group meetings as well.
Respite and Child Care
Childcare or Respite care giving rooms to allow for parents to leave their special needs and their typical children for a few hours break from the demands of being a special needs child’s parent.
A.D.A. Equipped
• A.D.A. equipped restrooms, ramps, doorways, and rooms throughout the facility.

You Can Help

Your tax-deductible donation will help to bring our dream facility to a reality. Thank you so much!

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